Monday, March 26, 2012

Titans Birth

Pictures from my phone...not the best quality..

Titan fell asleep with his little hands like comfy!

This picture cracks me up! Titans face says it all doesn't it?  sometimes his sisters can smother this kid!

Titan so far has been such a great baby! We see a lot of Maddux and Jayda in him.

my official due date was March 17.  Titan was born on Feb 26 at 37 weeks.  I was going to be induced on Feb 27 because Titan had some fluid in his kidneys and they wanted him out so they could do some tests on him. (he has some bladder reflux, so when he pees out some starts going back up to his kidneys. It is pretty common and they are hoping he will grow out of it and not need surgery)  Anyhow it was Sunday morning and i woke up with some contractions. My pelvic area hurt really bad so i knew he had dropped.   I figured they would stop so i started getting ready for church.  They kept coming and coming anywhere from 2 to 5 to 10 min. apart.  so i decided to stay home with jayda and Wayne took the others to church.  By the time they got back at 2 i knew i was in labor and that i would stick it out til i couldn't stand it anymore and then go in.  It was my turn to cook for dinner (we go to my parents house for Sunday dinner and it was my turn to cook) so in between  trying to breath through contractions i made a lasagna! at about 4:30pm we headed to my moms and i told Wayne we better go to the hospital, that it was time.  so we dropped off the food and the kids to my parents, and told my mom we would call her to tell her how far i was dilated.  We got to the hospital and got all hooked up to the monitors and the nurse checked me and viola....8cm dilated.    side note... this was sooooo similar to my last labor with Jayda.  it was a Sunday and i went into labor, got to the hospital at an 8 no time for an epidural and she was born within the hour.  so when i heard 8 i thought well here we go again. They asked if i wanted and epidural and i said "well i did it last time so i think i can do it again".  They called Dr. Rogers, he luckily lives down the street from the hospital. He got there still in his church suit and checked me and said "I think you can start pushing".  He said he was afraid he would miss the delivery if he went and changed into his scrubs so he put a cover up thing over his suit and we were ready!  I pushed 3 times...............holy pain of all pain, and he was out!!!!  ahhhh i was so relived when he came and that i didn't have to push for hours with no epidural.  it was a great labor and just like jaydas   less than an hour from when we got there he was born. he was 8 pounds 1 oz and 3 weeks early.  he would have been huge if i would have gone to my due date. i guess my body knew it was time!  The nurses i had were great and my mom, grandma Ruth, little sister Kimmy (her first time getting to see a baby born) and Wayne, plus the nicu people were in there. also they asked if a guy that is training to become and E.R /ambulance driver needed to view a birth so they asked me and i said ya i didn't care. i didn't notice him in there anyway.  I am very grateful to have had such a great delivery and such a great baby.  He is so much fun to have around and I am loving it. He is 4 weeks old time flies!!


Heather Stott said...

love it! makes me sooo excited! you are amazing!! and he is a doll!

Heather B said...

I love how he fell asleep on his hands, and I love how sweet and darling he looks in the picture of mom holding him. :) Way to go on the birth story, I'm so glad they go fast for you. Reminded me a lot of mine, and during my labor we went to pick up a refrigerator, and I kept having to stop talking and start breathing, but I REALLY didn't want someone else to get that fridge, it was a great deal. :) Anyway, wish I could hold that sweet baby. Can't believe you have 5 kids under 5, none of them in school yet! You're amazing!

Madsen Updates said... are amazing!!!
seriously, how do you do it!
so glad your labors go so quick. you are a tough one!
congratulations on your sweet baby boy! he is adorable, just like all of your kids!!

Becky Seymour said...

WOW! You are amazing. Cooking a lasagna, timing contractions, and then no pain meds! WOW! You amaze me. He is sooooo precious! CONGRATS!